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What is Terrazzo Restoration?


Let’s start with what it’s NOT…

Terrazzo Restoration actually stands for a bit more than just restoring the terrazzo to it’s original condition. This probably started with the process of Natural Stone Restoration. When you Restore Marble, you are restoring it to it’s original from-the-factory polished condition. Terrazzo was never actually envisioned to be polished to the levels we see today – one of the reasons it originally lost popularity. Over the years, Natural Stone Floor refinishers began to realize that the same process they had been using to make marble beautiful could be applied to Terrazzo. Terrazzo Restoration was born. This process is extremely involved, more so than traditional marble restoration, and was at least as expensive.

Around the same time, the janitorial industry took notice… They realized that the Natural Stone Guys were getting a premium for making Terrazzo shiny. They said,  “Hey, we’ve been making VCT and Terrazzo shiny for years, we need to get in on this!” So they took their process of dumping harsh stripper on the floor, scrubbing it up, and dumping cheap wax on the floor and started calling it “Terrazzo Restoration.” But they certainly couldn’t do this for what they normally charge for a “Janitorial” service, so they raised their prices by 500% – still less than the Real Professionals- and took to the streets…

The result? Years and years of misinformation and overcharging. Years and years of dull, ugly and slippery floors. And a struggle for the real professionals to showcase their work – after all, if you can get “Terrazzo Restoration” at half the price, you’ll probably never see a real professional work…

So, what is NOT Terrazzo Restoration? It is NOT a janitorial service. It does NOT  involve stripping and recoating with yellow, dull slippery “Industrial Floor Sealer”. Even if you make one or two passes with diamond grinding pads before coating the floor with acrylic – this is NOT true polishing. Your home CANNOT be restored in one day.

Terrazzo DIamond Polishing

The image on the left is the work of an unknown local “Terrazzo Restoration” Company that claims their work can yield beautiful results without spending a fortune…(The dull spots are where the finish began peeling off the floor the next day) The homeowner was charged $2000 for this Janitorial Service that should have only cost $200. The photo on the right is our work on the SAME floor!


What IS Terrazzo Restoration?

It involves the use of specialized diamond abrasives, using specialized equipment, by skilled tradesman in a methodical process. It involves repairing the floor properly using matched marble stones and UV stable, color-matched resins. It involves using  penetrating stone sealer allowing the floor to breathe. It should not be left to an amateur, it should leave you amazed and proud to be the owner of a beautiful, polished work of art.


I could go on all day. I love these floors. I took my first steps on a terrazzo floor and I love what I do. Please call me today for a free in-home estimate and sample. Or click here to drop me an email and I will be sure to contact you as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon!