Let It Breathe!

Let it breathe!

There is a reason why the floors you see at super markets are constantly being stripped and recoated with floor finish. One reason is because the high amount of traffic simply wears away at the finish, especially so on “resilient” flooring,  such as vinyl tile, which does not breathe. But on polished concrete and terrazzo floors the reason the finish fails is because the floor cannot breathe when coated with a finish. This is due to Hydrostatic Pressure. As temperatures and atmospheric pressure change, moisture flows in and out of the slab. If this flow or breathing is stopped by a coating, eventually the pressure will build enough to separate the coating from the surface. Now you may not see this as sheets of wax peeling off the floor, but rather millions of microscopic cracks in the surface of the finish which will in time with traffic scratch and wear the finish off like dead skin. At the same time dirt and oils will build within these cracks causing the floor to look dirty or yellow. The floor will lose its shine and you will be left right back where you started.

This is why TerrazzoGuy.com will never suggest coating your floor. We only want to work for you if we are allowed to do it the right way. What we do provide is a stone sealer. What a sealer does is penetrate the surface and coat the stones from within the surface while still allowing the floor to breathe. This does NOT give the absolute protection from staining that a finish will initially offer, but it does give you TIME to remove the spill/urine/dirt/etc…from the floor without allowing it to stain and last the life of the surface of the floor.