Tackstrip Repair

  Tackstrip damage is the most common repair. We can make these nearly invisible, however it’s best to leave the strips in and allow us to remove them for you. This will reduce the chance of pitting the floor and save you time and money.


When it comes to repairs and stains, we’ve encountered them all. It is noteworthy that there are some stains that simply cannot be treated. For more on this click here. Our process for repairing holes and cracks is a bit more involved then our competitors, but as you can see, the final results are outstanding. We do not want to give away our secret to perfect repairs here, but if you contact us we would be glad to show you our process and provide you with a free in-home estimate.



Pitting Repair

Thresholds are also a common area for major pitting. Our unique process is so effective, you’ll forget the damage was ever there.