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Like hidden gems, there are several floors in the central Florida area comprised of stones that easily polish to incredible levels of shine and clarity. These floors look just like any other worn terrazzo floor until they are polished. If you have one of these exceptional floors you are eligible for a 15% terrazzo discount! Please Contact Us today for a free sample and estimate!

One of the issues that has troubled other terrazzo restoration contractors is that they view terrazzo floors as if they were marble. For this reason, their approach to to terrazzo restoration is the same as if the floor was entirely made of marble. When this doesn’t work and some spots in the floor remain dull, they simply shrug their shoulders and say that nothing can be done. My experience in this industry and understanding of the properties of terrazzo have led me to an entirely new approach. I know¬†what is really¬†in these floors, I know why it’s there, and more importantly I know how to work with the floor to give an even consistent shine. Please allow me to visit your home, perform a sample and apply my experience to transforming your floor into a work of art.

Thank you,

– Jeremy King