Terrazzo Prices…What’s the difference?


What’s the difference?

If you’ve noticed a significant difference in prices and methods of terrazzo restoration, congratulations! That just means you’re doing your research. So why the difference?

Well, understandably, different methods of any service – painting, carpentry, masonry- carry different prices. Likewise, in the world of terrazzo and stone restoration, there are different methods at different price points. However, the prices should correspond to the service received. A low level service should be significantly less expensive than a very high quality service. The problem in the terrazzo restoration industry, as you may have noticed, is that very low quality services are not that much more affordable than their superior counterparts. Call it what you will – greed, opportunistic or just plain capitalism. But at TerrazzoGuy we don’t fell like these reasons are acceptable for separating you from your hard earned funds in exchange for a poor quality product.

So what should you be paying? That depends on what you want. And it depends on what is being offered. Terrazzo restoration involves resurfacing your floor – actually cutting a very tiny layer off of the surface, repairing cracks and imperfections, removing any stains that are possible to remove (for more info on that click here) and then the floor is brought up to a very high shine using high quality diamond abrasives on specially designed equipment. After that the floor is sealed, not coated (for more info on that click here) with a penetrating stone sealer that allows the floor to breathe. This is a lengthy, labor-intensive process that results in a deep,uniform, long lasting shine. You can count on spending more for this service. (To see the results of this type of service check out our gallery)

Now let’s compare that with the “less expensive” alternative. Unfortunately, if you are not educated, you will not know you’re  getting the “less expensive” alternative, because you will still be paying WAY too much. So let’s make sure that can’t happen. This has become a common, dishonest tactic in our industry, claiming you are receiving terrazzo restoration when all you’re getting is a cheap janitorial service. Typically this includes merely scrubbing the floor and coating it with floor wax. That’s it. This is not restoration, even if it involves “diamond polishing”. Why? Because if the service provider is only using one or two grits of diamonds, then “polishing” the floor with a coating, you can bet that floor is not going to stay shiny for long. This type of service should cost pennies per square foot. There’s no specialized labor involved, no quality repairs, no real polishing. All that has happened is a janitor has made a quick buck taking advantage of an uneducated homeowner doing what he does every night at your local grocery store.

Let’s look at an example. I recently helped out an older couple in Eustis, Florida who had been taken advantage of by a local “Terrazzo Restoration” company who claimed they didn’t need to spend a ton of money to have their floors look like new. His “Discount” price? $2000.00! Granted, this was less than they would have paid for the size of house and amount of work that was needed for REAL terrazzo restoration. But was it worth it? Ill let the pictures speak for themselves… The BEFORE pictures are what the floor looked like AFTER the other company finished! The AFTER pictures are what it looked like after TerrazzoGuy saved the day… The other guy’s excuse? “Well, you didn’t pay for a premium service…”

Acrylic coating was heavily applied, probably while the floor was still damp, causing finish to flake off the floor almost immediately.

Acrylic coating was heavily applied, probably while the floor was still damp, causing finish to flake off the floor almost immediately.

Terrazzo Waxing

Nice crusty wax buildup on edges… This isn’t an “Economic Option” this is robbery.


















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